Printing & Publishing Workshops / Saturday 20 October / 10am

Moving into the public arena is an important step: 

10.00 – 11.00 am.  Black Rainbow Printers will be at the Lake Tyers Hall to talk you through the steps, time and costs involved in having your scripts published.  Layout, photos, images, art work – range of options

They will have range of products on display to excite your imagination. 

Make the most of this locally operated environmentally responsible printers, using recycled paper, operating on solar electricity, using vegetable inks and producing quality work. 


11.00 – 12.00 Why register your work? What is an ISBN?  All about cataloguing and making your work accessible.  

Too many local stories remain hidden under beds on shelves – valued for only one lifetime. 

Aunty Eileen Harrison talked of finding records about her family, Bruce Pascoe found the early diaries of explorers tucked away……

State and national libraries are the repository of knowledge – knowing how to track information, tools of research and who to contact are important steps in finding out what we don’t know.

Yummy food available

August 27, 2018
Stories of influence