Stories of Influence

‘Stories of influence fosters storytelling in multiple forms, weaving over three days and two nights into an overall message of country and community whose aim might be as large or as small as asking us to create new ways of being as Australians’.

Stories of Influence, 2023
19 Jul 23
Stories of Influence – July 21 – 23, 2023

Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust : Time to share memories and memorabilia: Omeo League, Football history Friday 21 July: 5.00 – 8.30 PM – Lake Tyers Trust Hall Saturday 22 July: Swifts Creek game and memorabilia (transport available) Sunday 23 July – 10:30 am...

Stories of Influence, Past Years

Fishing interviews by Rachael Lucas with Brian Bolding and John Barrett – a lifetimes reflection.

Lakes Entrance fishing:  Whenever we listen to local fishing, farming or forestry folk the message is clear, bigger is not better for the region: not access to the product or for the environment.  The corporate ownership of these finite natural community resources changes the agenda from long term use to short term extraction detrimental to […]

Stories of Influence 2021