Stories of Influence

‘Stories of influence fosters storytelling in multiple forms, weaving over three days and two nights into an overall message of country and community whose aim might be as large or as small as asking us to create new ways of being as Australians’.

Stories of Influence, 2020/2021
10 Aug 20
Stories of Influence 2020/2021

Continuing conversations on the airwaves. While the 2020 October gathering is not happening, all our presenters are keen to share their stories, songs and performances, to build on the conversations of past Stories and add to our understanding.  It is a time for rethinking ou...

Stories of Influence, Past Years
October 4, 2019


Stories of influence @ Lake Tyers Beach Hall October 18th – 20th, 2019 Offers seemingly diverse stories from writers, storytellers and artists. Come along and find your own connections with these stories that fill in gaps in our public knowing. Cal Flyn – talks to us via zoom from her home in Orkney sharing her […]

Stories of Influence 2019
July 20, 2019

Stories of the lake in Scottish Poetry Library collection

Stories of influence @ Lake Tyers Beach is now one of Melbourne City of Literature’s regional presenters.  David Ryding the manager generously provided introductions to literary events in Edinburgh also a City of Literature.   Visited Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh today to contribute our collection of poems and stories of Lake Tyers and […]

Stories of Influence 2019