Study Circle Kits

The Study Circle Kit is for use by community groups. Within communities, people hold different views of the world developed from their own experiences.

Study circles provide a forum where these differences can be respected and learnt from to work towards a common goal. Members of a study circle become familiar with how to work in this democratically responsible manner.

The kit will assist groups to:

  • Establish a study circle to focus on the future of the local community.
  • Learn the skills that enable a disparate group to work co-operatively.
  • Focus on achievable outcomes.
  • Become leaders in determining futures of communities.

“It was a very good method of each individual learning to understand how groups work and it had very sound foundations.”
(Study group member, Sandy Point, 1999)

The following publications are available for sale for a printed copy or free for a download.

Stories of the Lakes

Stories of the Lake is an annual gathering of storytellers sharing untold stories held on the Bung Yarnda (Lake Tyers) catchment in East Gippsland, Victoria. This CD is a collection of poems and stories inspired by Bung Yardna.

The text of recordings can be found, in a booklet form, here Stories of The Lake (328Kb PDF)  or via the link to individual poems found in the list of contributors in our post Stories of the Lake – recordings of words and music inspired by Bung Yardna (Lake Tyers).

Published Work

The publications listed below are a sample of the knowledge that the Centre has gained and contributed to, through published works.

June 25, 2021

Transformation: from despair to opimism

Recent events in Victoria highlight the importance of politicians paying attention to the rural voice and the issue of rural well being. The substance of this paper demonstrates the capacity of rural communities to contribute a missing link in the chain of decision making in regard to the future well being of regional Australia. To […]

October 12, 2020

Tracking the personal and community changes – from invisibility to action

Regional Arts Victoria funded the building of a floating art studio on Lake Tyers in 2017. Tracking the changes uses State of Community Indicators to give visibility to the impact of a facilitated engagement of those involved in the Float Almanac .  This reflection records WHAT happened, it is one aspect of a chapter […]

May 20, 2016

East Gippsland Environmental Sustainability Toolkit

The East Gippsland Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2008–2013 outlines East Gippsland Shire’s position on issues relating to the protection, preservation and enhancement of the environment and consolidates the Shire’s existing achievements, policies and plans about environmental sustainability.The Strategy highlights Council’s progress on major considerations for environmental sustainability – including biodiversity, water quality and consumption, greenhouse gas […]

May 5, 2016

The Changing Nature of Australia’s Country Towns

Edited by M F Rogers & D R Jones 28-Sep-2013 This book provides a look at our increasing understanding of the growth, stasis and decline of our country towns. It covers not only changing social and economic trends, but also the art of engagement of communities, new modes of development, water and its local management […]