Stories of Influence

‘Stories of influence fosters storytelling in multiple forms, weaving over three days and two nights into an overall message of country and community whose aim might be as large or as small as asking us to create new ways of being as Australians’.

Stories of Influence, 2021
24 Feb 21
Listen to Alice Ann Pepper’s interview with ABC Radio Gippsland

Stories of Influence 2021 has a theme of healing the land. An invitation to listen to the land and people. Alice Ann Pepper speaks of this during her residency on The Floating Art Studio on Lake Tyers. (2021) Interviewer Rachael Lucas, ABC Gippsland, on 7th February, 2021...

09 Feb 21
Stories of Influence, 6 – 8 March, 2021 – program and bookings

Stories begins at mid-day Saturday 6th March with walk and talk at Onenta (place of peace) then moves to Lake Tyers Beach Hall -ends mid day Monday 8th. Come and join conversations that can reshape how we experience our lives as Australians. Like the rest of the world we have...

28 Jan 21
Listen to Neil Murry’s interview with ABC radio

ABC Journalist Rachael Lucas’s interview with legendary singer songwriter Neil Murray takes us through the early years of Neil’s search to ‘find out’ more about the people who once inhabited this country, their lives and stories.  Neil speaks of the fun and influence of...

Stories of Influence, Past Years
June 16, 2018

Stories on the lake October 19th – 21st, 2018

This year we’ve meandered along, from the tip of Lake Tyers, towards the coast @ Lake Tyers Beach. We’ll share the emerging stories that change the way we see the past and the shape our idea of the future. Last year we revelled in the wisdom of Eileen Harrison, Carolyn Landon, Wayne Thorpe, Bruce Pascoe, […]

Stories of influence
November 6, 2017

The art of storytelling

In my annual visit to Edinburgh one of my favourite outings is taking my grandson to the John Knox, Story telling Centre. To the children’s storytelling sessions that often include music and making things.  Ideas shape the way we see the world and our place in it. So I love the way story-telling is a […]

Stories of influence
September 4, 2017

Continuing conversations with writers and thinkers

Hidden histories is the theme of this year’s Stories on the hill @nowa nowa hall.  Mid-day 21st October to mid-day 22nd October, 2017. Histories stored in letters, diaries, oral histories or silently in hearts and memories.  This is our third year creating a forum for writers and performers keen to both share their work and […]

Stories of influence