Stories on the lake October 19th – 21st, 2018

This year we’ve meandered along, from the tip of Lake Tyers, towards the coast @ Lake Tyers Beach. We’ll share the emerging stories that change the way we see the past and the shape our idea of the future.

Last year we revelled in the wisdom of Eileen Harrison, Carolyn Landon, Wayne Thorpe, Bruce Pascoe, Jack and Grace Whadcoat.  Bung Yarnda, Dark Emu, Black Swan, Jackson’s Track and Whisper Lake Tyers.  We were entertained by Jan Wositzky’s play Bilarni. (Bill Harney).  We are delighted to learn that Dark Emu is being performed by Bangarra Dance company it is indeed an influential story.  Dr. Aunty Eileen Harrison art work is receiving the recognition it deserves and those who heard her speak connected with her story.  Carolyn Landon has new writing in the pipeline.  Jack and Grace Whadcoat have published Whipser, Lake Tyers and Wayne Thorpe is continuing to educate about the importance of the natural cycle of life in the catchment.

Megan Webb Hand has an invitation to send a manuscript to Allen and Unwin….

Each adds knowledge of people, policies and place.  A more informed view of our beautiful, vulnerable region is emerging though these stories.

In 2018 we invite you to an immersion in hidden stories now told by writers, performers, poets and musicians. The art of storytelling as well as stories in art will be explored along with a walking book club. Workshops in poetry, printing and publishing and an introduction to ”The memory code’ with Lynne Kelly.    

Join us at Lake Tyers for a great program that will begin with a fringe film on Friday night for those who can make it.   Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will offer walking book tours and ….well watch this space.   


June 16, 2018
Stories of influence