Facilitator: Michelle Theobald

nullThere are 6 women in the Orbost Study Circle. ‘Women on the Move’ – they are a diverse group with common – and varied – interests.

Sharing stories about other communities led them to reflect on great Orbost projects such as the Exhibition Centre, the Rainforest Centre, the Mosaic Pathway, Forest Park beautification and the Wilderness Bike Ride. These experiences led to a stronger sense of unity, ownership and pride. Newcomers welcomed hearing of these stories. But the lack of informal child care made it difficult for parents to attend the group on a regular basis.

The dream of a place that welcomed women and children became a focus for the group.

The group are hopeful of linking with the state initiative in Capacity Building. They are planning a workshop to share their skills and knowledge in the Spring.

July 27, 2013
Community Engagement