Listen to Neil Murry’s interview with ABC radio

ABC Journalist Rachael Lucas’s interview with legendary singer songwriter Neil Murray takes us through the early years of Neil’s search to ‘find out’ more about the people who once inhabited this country, their lives and stories. 

Neil speaks of the fun and influence of those early years setting up the Warumpi Band, holding their own with Midnight Oil and having the first No 1 hit in language.

Think of any issue close to your heart and Neil Murray will have been crafting words and music to ‘speak up’ on these issues. 

Neil opens doors for others and we are delighted that due to his contacts with local musician Todd Cook and Grattan Mullett Snr of Bruthen, he is coming back to Gippsland, March 6th – 8th, 2021 for the Stories of Influence gathering.

The interview can be heard here as an audio recording on YouTube (25 mins)

January 28, 2021
Stories of Influence 2021