Fishing interviews by Rachael Lucas with Brian Bolding and John Barrett – a lifetimes reflection.

Lakes Entrance fishing:  Whenever we listen to local fishing, farming or forestry folk the message is clear, bigger is not better for the region: not access to the product or for the environment.  The corporate ownership of these finite natural community resources changes the agenda from long term use to short term extraction detrimental to regional life.  The recent drought, fires and pandemic have shown us everything is connected.  How are you impacted?  

Fishing Industry Interview with Brian Bolding and ABC’s Rachael Lucas. (MP3, 5 Mb)

People walking on the beach at Lake Bunga or Lake Tyers last week were dismayed at quantities (100 –500?) of dead salmon.  Where they came from and why is a question that leads to more questions. It is timely to find answers. This occurred at the same time as local restaurants and people can no longer buy fresh fish locally.  Corporate quotas of fish have been filled and surveillance of local fish catches prevents value or sale of mixed species fish.

Fishing Industry Interview with John Barrett and ABC’s Rachael Lucas. (MP3, 8 Mb)

These interviews shed light on this regional dilemma that is in urgent need of rethinking if we want vibrant oceans and healthy people. (May 2021)

May 18, 2021
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