Community Engagement

Study Circles

Within communities, people hold different views of the world developed from their own experiences.

Study Circles provide a forum where these differences can be respected and learnt from to work towards a common goal.

Members of a Study Circle become familiar with how to work in this democratically responsible manner.

The Centre has published a Study Circle’s kit that will assist groups to:

  • Establish a study circle to focus on the future of the local community.
  • Learn the skills that enable a disparate group to work co-operatively.
  • Focus on achievable outcomes.
  • Become leaders in determining futures of communities.

“It was a very good method of each individual learning to understand how groups work and it had very sound foundations.”
(Study group member, Sandy Point, 1999)

Copies of the Study Circle Kit are available for sale for a printed copy or free for a download copy, through our Publications page.

The Other Awards

Recognising innovative, sustainable and socially just co-operative community culture. Not a competition – a recognition.

Which Awards?

Not the Order of Australia, Australian of the Year, Logies, Arias or even Citizen of the Year- but ‘The OTHER Awards.’ The Awards that celebrate the work of local community groups who work creatively, tirelessly, co-operatively and ingeniously for the good of the community.

Why have ‘The Other Awards’?

There are many levels of recognition of achievement in Australia. Some of these are initiated by Federal, State or local government while others come from sporting clubs, schools, universities, workplaces, etc. They honour all sorts of excellence from the arts and entertainment through to charity work. Most awards honour outstanding people who have made a difference in their industry, workplace or community.

But before ‘The Other Awards’ there wasn’t any community initiated awards that recognise and acknowledge the work of their own local community groups and the amazing accomplishments they achieve from year to year.

More information on ‘The Other Awards’ is available here (PDF 1.3 Mb)


Facilitator: Naomi Gordon Mallacoota Study Circle identified community strengths as a place that was safe for families, a clean environment, a caring community and a strong capacity to achieve projects. However, some women felt isolated from the support of extended families during children’s early years. The local playground was seen as inadequate. Improving the public […]

Community Engagement


Facilitator: Judy Ireland All participants identified a desire to get involved, or remain involved in the community – and to ‘give something back’. Joining the Study Circle was seen as one way to do this. Members of the group found connections across age groups – young families moving to a new area, ageing grandparents and […]

Community Engagement


Facilitator: Michelle Theobald There are 6 women in the Orbost Study Circle. ‘Women on the Move’ – they are a diverse group with common – and varied – interests. Sharing stories about other communities led them to reflect on great Orbost projects such as the Exhibition Centre, the Rainforest Centre, the Mosaic Pathway, Forest Park […]

Community Engagement


Facilitator: Fiona York The Goongerah Study Circle proved a good mix of interests across the nine members. Common themes identified by the group included education, employment and housing. Although anticipated ‘outcomes’ did not occur immediately, most felt the experience to be valuable – learning facilitation skills, the need for ground rules and recapping – they […]

Community Engagement