Stories of Influence 2021

January 2, 2021

Time to talk Stories of Influence 2021.

Stories of Influence 2020 was postponed from October 18-20th until March 5th -7th 2021. Presenters were keen to join us for the event. While circumstances have just changed again – lets talk about ways to create spaces to share these untold (undertold stories) to reconnect across differences that created divisions, to unlearn as we hear […]

Stories of Influence 2021
August 10, 2020

Stories of Influence 2020/2021

Continuing conversations on the airwaves. While the 2020 October gathering is not happening, all our presenters are keen to share their stories, songs and performances, to build on the conversations of past Stories and add to our understanding.  It is a time for rethinking our place in the world, of unlearning and recreating new connections. […]

Stories of Influence 2021
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