Buchan facilitator: Paul Harper

2 Study Circles were drawn from the Buchan district.

The first group involved 16 people – all with ‘under 5s’. Lack of childcare delayed the start of this group and became an immediate focus. Initially there was frustration, even anger over the urgent need to improve family services in the district. As the group progressed through the study circle kit an awareness and mellowing took place.

The group organised an information session “Services available to Young Families in the Buchan District”. Attendees became aware of the mutual frustrations and that communication among strong partnerships was the way forward. Remote Family Services responded to increased need at the Buchan Kindergarten, a supported playgroup was funded for two years and C4C supported fun days for under 5’s.

The second group of 10 represented a diversity of ages and backgrounds. Lack of childcare meant lack of employment and study opportunities – 5 members needed regular childcare, 6 needed after school/holiday care – but none is available.

The facilitator’s involvement in Balinese communities led to discussions and comparisons of the cultures. Photos and information are now being exchanged. The study circle became involved in the “Second Sight” project sending reading glasses to Balinese villages. In many cases the simple gift of glasses gave back the ability to earn a livelihood through art and craft. Grateful recipients have sent examples of their craft to Buchan.

July 27, 2013
Community Engagement