Facilitator: Kate Cartwright

The Boolarra Study Circle provided a way to nurture local knowledge.

Mutual love for our beautiful rural environment, and the safety and health of our family were core values connecting this group of individual, thoughtful women into a mutually supportive network.

In this safe, comfortable environment we learned to value each other’s points of view and discuss issues in a positive, non-judgemental way.

The process required us to produce ‘an outcome’ which was not defined before the group came together.   This was a unique and  difficult concept to grasp, as traditionally groups get together to fulfil a problem, issue or need.

Our raised awareness transformed into action.

Skills in negotiation, conflict resolution and general communications have supported individuals in workplace, family and social situations.

In addition this has cemented new understanding between community groups and built bridges with local government and non government agencies.

Positive results from this project include participants becoming more confident and active in the community, making application and gaining grant funding and generally leading to a revitalisation of community spirit.

Download the Boolarra Story by Kate Cartwright

July 27, 2013
Community Engagement