The Centre for Rural Communities

Community building is about local people working with government to strengthen their communities and improve the places in which they live.

It is also about government listening to what local people have to say and supporting them to develop projects that achieve their goals.

The Centre for Rural Communities works to support communities – and provide training for community development workers – to build skills and confidence to develop solutions to local issues.

The Centre continues to iniitiate and participate in a range of projects that help to transform rural communities.

Uncle Herb Patten / Saturday 20 October / 8.45pm

Uncle Herb Patten It takes many years of practice to play the leaf well, and Herb first learned to play as a small boy after watching his great uncle Lindsay Thomas blowing leaves in the bush at Newmerella, via Orbost, Victoria. Lindsay had been a member of the Lake Tyers Gumleaf Band. Herb, an artist […]

Projects, Stories of influence

Waltz for Wairewa / Saturday 20 October / 7.30pm

Waltz for Wairewa A performance created from “Stories from Wairewa” conveying details of everyday life in a small, isolated rural community in its early days in the 1900s. The sources of material are the spoken word from residents in the valley, un-published family documents, and a limited use of the Public Records Of Victoria (PROV). […]

Stories of influence

Lynne Kelly / The Memory Code / Saturday 20 October / 3.30 pm

Lynne Kelly – The memory code – 3.30 Saturday Jan Wositzky introduced us to Lynne Kelly who’s writing on memory skills of indigenous cultures worldwide: Celtic, Welsh, Peruvian, Native American, Australian Aboriginal…. Lynne became aware of the thousands of animals and plants, astronomical charts, vast navigation networks, genealogies, geography, land management and geology … vast […]

Stories of influence